I’m Confused

I live in the part of the United States that is nicknamed the Bible Belt. More and more I am getting the vibe that some of the people I consider to be friends are annoyed or perhaps even angry because of my faith. According to Wikipedia, “The Bible Belt is an informal region in the Southern United States in which socially conservative evangelical Protestantism plays a strong role in society and politics, and Christian church attendance across the denominations is generally higher than the nation’s average.”

Being a Christian doesn’t mean I follow blindly.

Knowing that definition sheds a good bit of light on my confusion Since while I am a Christian, I don’t fit into the mold described as the Bible Belt. I was born to Protestant (Baptist) parents but converted to Catholicism in my 30’s. It works for me even though I admit there are certain aspects of being Catholic that I don’t necessarily embrace. That is pretty much true for me being part any formal group. I will go a step further, at the risk of stepping on toes,and say it is part of being an intelligent human being. We question things that are considered fact or truth; it is how we attain the highest levels of learning.

I describe myself as a liberal that at times leans towards the conservative side. I am a Catholic convert raised by Baptist parents. That makes me somewhat of a freak here in the Bible Belt and I am okay with that.

I am also more liberal than conservative. It is very unpopular stance in my community and I accept that some will avoid me for that reason, that is their prerogative. I just don’t understand why that should keep us from being friends. Can’t we still watch a movie, share a meal or have non-political conversations?

I believe that God gave us all free will. As an American citizen I can still enjoy freedoms including voting. I respect that others don’t always share my views and only find it annoying when they treat me as less because of them.

An acquaintance from one of my book clubs proudly shares that she is a member of a local meet-up group called the Godless Heathens. She knows I am a Christian and, at least so far, our differences have not created any tension. While I am concerned about her when it comes to eternity, I don’t preach to her. She in turn doesn’t disrespect my faith or try to change me. Clearly, we don’t agree, yet we can be respectful.

I am totally unprepared for a zombie invasion, yet I still sleep great.

Still, I am confused. If one doesn’t believe in God or a higher power why do you need a group that proclaims it? I don’t believe in zombies but I also don’t need to start a group. I don’t eat beets, I think they taste like dirt, but I don’t need to start a group of beet haters.

Can beet haters and beet lovers live in harmony?

In an online group for writers a member shared a post, an excerpt from their memoir, making it known that they are atheist. A few paragraphs later they described a time of stress and heartache and recounted how they had looked at the other person and cried, “Why, in the name of God would you do that to me?” I commented that I meant no disrespect, but wondered why anyone would cry out to God if they don’t believe in him. It would be like me saying that I cried out in the name of the Tooth Fairy.

The precepts of my faith instruct me to treat all with kindness and love and cautions me that I will be judged as I judge. I try, and frequently fall short of my goal but not everything is about being perfect. My effort gives me a more abundant and happy life. I think I am right, but even if I am not, who am I hurting as a result of my faith?

Thanks for reading. Remember to vote on Tuesday even if it is just to cancel out my vote!!

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He is Risen!

Easter Reflections!

I wanted today’s post to be special for Easter yet my own thoughts weren’t coming together in an organized fashion. Special thanks to simpledimple for giving me permission to reblog one of their posts. Today and every day let us give thanks to our savior. We are blessed beyond measure.

This is the Lenten Season.

A period of time where Christians especially the Catholics observe lent and engage in fasting as they reflect upon the teachings of Christ. His death and what it signifies to the body of Christ – The Church.

Easter signifies the victory over death by our Lord Jesus Christ.
It’s a defining moment to ponder on the climactic events leading to the crucifixion of our Lord.
Easter is the reason we are Christians in the first place.

If Christ did not rise from the dead, if there was no resurrection, there wouldn’t be any Easter to celebrate because He would have been considered just another teacher or a mere scholar.

However, the resurrection power changed the narrative and it is the irrefutable proof that Jesus Christ was really the Son of God.

So as we celebrate this symbolism of our Faith for those of us who believe in Him, it is a time to reflect on our Christian ethics and values.

As Christians, this is the period when we ask ourselves pertinent questions regarding our Christian walk and work.
It’s a sobering time for self-examination.
Are we really for real? I mean, are we really Christians in the real sense?
Do our beliefs tally with our actions?
Are we practising what we preach or the word of God that we read?
In other words, does our lifestyle reflect good moral values as they ought to be?
Are we shinning the lights and tenets of Christianity the way it ought to be or are we just pretenders and hypocrites, calling the name of God in vain? 

Do we do what we preach or we preach the word and turn around to act otherwise?

Perhaps, we should spend some solitary moments to answer these questions sincerely in our hearts before we celebrate the resurrection on Easter Sunday.

Good Friday is the commemoration of his crucifixion.
And Easter Sunday, Christians celebrate the resurrection with glee.

So can I call you a true Christian? 

This season calls for introspections and inner search of our humanity
A time dedicated to prayers and fasting too.

A time to reach out to people with LOVE!

May God hear and answer our supplications even as we pray in this Lenten season.

God bless you.

Peace and Love!

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