19 Things to Love during Autumn 2019

As of tomorrow we can exclaim, “Happy Fall Y’All!”  I enjoy all of the seasons, but if I must have a favorite, then autumn is the winner.  Here is my list of 19 things to celebrate before winter. I call it my, Everything Nice Except Pumpkin Spice, list.

What would you add? Football, tail-gating, hiking, Haunted Houses, pumpkin spice? What made me list that wouldn’t be on yours? Please share your comments below. Have a blessed and beautiful autumn.

Thanks to the following for the use of their photographs; Yours truly, Ron McClenny, Josh Campbell, Patrick Fore, Sara Dubler, Jessica-d-vega, Alex Geerts, Joanna Karsinkaua, Alas, Krivec and Corwin Thiessen

One thought on “19 Things to Love during Autumn 2019

  1. Not my fave sadly. Too many messy leaves in yards to deal with! And it only means the dreaded Holidays are approaching. But I guess that’s a typical bachelor opinion. However, I am very “basic” and enjoy PSLs (pumpkin spice lattes) quite a bit.

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